• Genial's philosophy is being conservative in its performance, concerned about the efficient management of risks intrinsic to its business. Genial adopts practices and policies which enable to carry out its activities with risk levels aligned with its capital and its operational capacity.

    The structure established promotes proper understanding and visualization of business risks, in a way that any fact that can adversely interfere in its performance is identified and properly addressed, either in regards to the already existing or potential risks.

    The risk management process is centralized in a unit created for such purpose, reporting directly to the Executive Board. That unit serves all companies that are part of the Genial group, allowing, thus, an individual and global view of the risk to which the group is exposed. The risk management unit is absolutely independent from the operational and control areas, and it is periodically submitted to internal and external audits.

    The identification and assessment of market, credit, liquidity, operational and other risks follow global methodology, policies and procedures and are in line with the best practices of the market.

    The strong involvement of the Top Management and key managers takes place on a daily basis, in the management committees and controls, and in the Credit Committee.